Rental Assistance Still Available for Those Affected by Covid-19

Residents in the Rio Grande Valley have until Dec. 30th to apply for renter’s aid.

Local officials have stated there is over $5 million dollars in funding that will expire if the funds remain untapped.

Applicants must provide:

• Valid Picture ID
• Birth Certificate or Valid ID for everyone else in the household
• Proof of COVID-19 affects – income, furlough, shelter order, quarantine, etc.
• Income info for the past 30 days of the entire household
• Rent/Mortgage Agreement or receipts of past expenses
• Must submit a W9 for Landlord/Mortgage Company

For more information visit or call:

Affordable Homes of South Texas Inc. at for residents in McAllen, Hidalgo or Starr County or call (956) 687-6263.

Cameron and Willacy residents can visit this link or call Come Dream Come Build at (956) 541-4955

Hidalgo residents can visit here or call (956) 205-705

San Benito residents can visit this link or by calling (956) 399-7501

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