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Let me begin by saying I’m not a fan of jeans. They’re heavy, constricting and temperamental. It’s no wonder most women keep wearing the same pair, a favorite denim that has been worn so many times they literally walk out on their own and die by falling apart where they stand, leaving us with the stressful task of finding a suitable replacement. Why? Because it’s un-American not to own a pair of jeans, especially when you’re from Texas. So, off we go to our flourescent torture chambers to endure endless hours of shimmying in and out of a sea of blue skins that are either too long, too short, too tight, too loose, or make our butts look too whatever. The denim dance all leads to one thing: a deep abyss of hopelessness. That is, until I discovered Hip Chixs.

Finally! Jeans that feel as wondrous as they look. Buttery soft to the touch, Hip Chixs jeans races to the front of the line like a fine tuned Ferrari. As I took a pair out for a spin, I was struck by their feathery light comfort and their sleek design. The innovative creators behind this premium denim are Aimee Miller and Megan Carreker, who designed jeans that not only highlight your posterior in a positive way, but also took into account our Texas’ scorchers. Who better to design a true American fashion staple than a couple of Dallas cowgirls?

“We want to make women feel great, sexy, and beautiful in their jeans,” Aimee says. “It took us over four years to develop these jeans because we wanted to get it right. I love jeans, but I hated how hot and uncomfortable they all were, so we set out to change that.”

There are two versatile styles to choose from: Skinny Bootie and Straight & Narrow which are offered in dark, classic indigo or a more vintage wash with ghosts of greys and browns fading into the seams. Meticulous attention was paid to the details such as the Italian hardware, rose red rivets, longer cuffs to compliment sexy stilettos, a suede wine-colored label that demands attention, and a quirky catch phrase “Y’all want some of this” embroidered in a secret region for your eyes only. But know all eyes will be on you when you’re in your Hip Chixs.

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